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DIY enthusiasts are always looking for new projects to tackle. At Percy A Hudson, we’re happy to provide all the timber and wood you need to turn your idea into a reality.

We’re also happy to provide a few DIY ideas of our own. If you enjoy working with timber and wood, consider one of these projects in 2019.

Home Bar

Enjoying a drink at the end of a long day is certainly a nice experience, especially when you can share it with others in your home. You’ll make the experience even more enjoyable with your own rustic bar.

This type of project is ideal because it can be simple or complex, depending on your tastes and skill level. You can design a simple bar consisting of a basic timber support structure with a plank of wood on top of it, or you can design something more intricate. Let your creativity guide the process.

Bar Cart

If you decide to make your own home bar, you’ll also want to make a bar cart to hold your drinks and glassware. This is an easy project to tackle. You simply build what’s essentially a small, open cabinet, then add wheels to the bottom. It’s the perfect addition to your new home bar.

Serving Tray

If you appreciate the rustic interior design style, you might want to incorporate it into your kitchenware. That’s why making your own wood serving trays is a smart project to consider. They’re incredibly easy to make and they don’t require much material. This saves you time and money. However, the results can be very impressive.

Phone Display

If you’re like most people, odds are good you have a smartphone or tablet on you throughout the day. Maybe you even need to have it on display for work. While you can purchase your own smartphone or tablet display, you could also make one very easily with wood.

This is an ideal project to consider if you like to sell your creations. You can make many phone and tablet displays in a short period of time with little effort. Their unique visual appeal and practical functionality will make it easy to find people interested in buying them.


Making coasters with wood is also fun if you enjoy getting creative with your projects. The actual coasters are very simple to make, so this project is perfect for someone who is just learning the basics of woodworking. You can then paint your own designs on them. Like phone displays, these easy-to-make items are also easy to sell.

These are merely a few projects worth considering in 2019. You probably have ideas of your own as well. No matter what project you choose first, however, you need quality materials for it. At Percy A Hudson, that’s exactly what you’ll find.