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Whether you’ve got a tiny terrace or courtyard in a complex there are so many innovative ways to transform your garden space into the most beautiful outdoor retreat. When you live in an urban landscape, it’s so important to have your own peaceful outdoor sanctuary, even if it’s just a balcony. You may not be blessed with rolling acres of foliage and it may require a little more creativity, but even the smallest space can be reshaped with a few big ideas. After all, they do say that great things come in small packages.

Whilst you may not have the advantage of space on your side, smaller gardens have plenty of bonuses. Typically, they’re extremely low maintenance and with a few little changes, you can create a dramatic and impressive effect in your outdoor space. You may not be surrounded by nature, but overcoming a few minor tribulations will be well worth it. If you’re working within a budget, you certainly don’t have to break the bank in order to get the desired effect you’re after.


You don’t need a lawn to create a luscious garden space – a brilliant low maintenance flooring option is wooden decking. This can have a transformative effect on your garden and there are many styles and varieties you can opt for, from broad timber panels to reclaimed wood. Lighter wood tends to give a cosmopolitan pre-aged style where darker toned decking offers a more rustic, natural look. Adoring your decking with planted pots at the far edges will recede them into the distance creating the illusion of a wider space. Finishing your decking off with a simple set of table and chairs will make it the perfect spot to enjoy a summer’s day.

Trellis & Screening:

Make use of your fencing or outdoor walls by adding a simple trellis – a great solution for smaller gardens. Having a trellis will lift the flowers and foliage off from the ground and detract attention upwards, bringing the focus to the beautiful flowers – not the small dimensions of your garden. Another great alternative is to get an outdoor screen; available in materials such as woven reed or brushwood. This can bring some privacy to your garden – something that can be at a premium in city gardens.

Upcycled furniture:

Integrate some functionality, as well as style, into your outdoor space with second hand or upcycled furniture. Teak or oak chairs are great for outdoor use – by repainting them and placing them outdoors can give them a whole new lease of life. Mismatched chairs or even slightly worn furniture can create a tastefully distressed look and a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for entertaining guests. expanding your living space with outdoor seating creates an easy transition from the interior to the exterior of your home.

Bring a sense of bijou interior outdoors with a mirror in your garden, this will help transform your garden and create the illusion of a grander space. A handy tip – reflect the mirror onto the most beautiful part of the garden to make your garden seem double the size and flooded with natural light.

Outdoor wooden pannell shelving is a great way of adding another dimension to your garden, try filling your shelves up with seasonal plants or potted herbs – a fantastic way of maximising space. An overflow of greenery creates a perfect shaded oasis, away from the blaring sun.

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