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Bespoke Moulding

Percy A Hudson’s bespoke wood moulding will give you the ability to create unique features for your home. Waiting at our workshop is a team of visionary woodworkers who can craft stunning creations to your specifications.

Creating new patterns

Many of the patterns we encounter already match our extensive range of cutter profiles. In the event that we lack your pattern, it will be possible for us to engineer a custom profile with our profile grinder and six-cutter moulding machine. Even if the design looks complex, please don’t hesitate to who show us. Percy A Hudson can deliver a custom solution and create a stunning match.

Flawless matches

You can turn to us for mouldings of skirting boards, dado rails and picture rails. Customers will come to Percy A Hudson because they want flawless matches of the intricate wooden features that are already in their home. This is especially helpful for homeowners who live in older properties and have no ability to purchase the originals.

You can start the process by providing our bespoke moulding team with a sample of your skirting board, dado or picture rail. The team will then give you options depending on the specifications of your sample and the measurement of where it will be fitted. Alternatively, you can create an outline sketch for us if you cannot bring along a sample.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0191 2575099 to talk about your bespoke wood moulding needs. You can also stop by our North Shields showroom and speak to us person – the choice is yours. It’s only a short trip from Newcastle, Northumberland and other areas of the North East.


Trade Customers

Percy A Hudson has provided tradesmen with first-rate timber supplies for and larger timber sections. Ask for bespoke cutting and moulding for specialist projects, or simply chose from our extensive range of stock items.


DIY Customers

Get all the support you need for your home improvement projects. Percy A Hudson has a breathtaking selection of DIY supplies to transform your home inside and out. Take a moment to view our products and your mind will race with possibilities after seeing our wooden worktops, staircases, flooring, decking, fencing and more.


Delivery Service

Percy A Hudson’s delivery service is the ideal option for customers who are unable to transport larger purchases. Let us simplify the process by arranging a swift delivery to your chosen address. At present, Percy A Hudson can deliver to locations throughout North East England, including Newcastle, Northumberland and North Shields.